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Your partner for international professionals!

In the world of
global economy, collaboration across borders is essential. At dasMaktab, we
understand the unique connection between Germany and Tunisia and leverage it to
provide you with a tailored solution for your staffing needs. Our expertise lies in
recruiting, entry, and integration of foreign professionals.

Bridging Cultures:

The Approach of dasMaktab in International Staffing

Tailored Solutions

Recruiting and Integrating International Professionals .

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Personalized Matching and Cultural Integration 

Our main goal as DasMaktab

We go beyond traditional
placement, focusing on personal matching instead of mass placement.


Culturally Integrated Staffing: The dasMaktab Advantage

Each candidate is carefully selected to perfectly fit your company and requirements. What sets dasMaktab apart is not only our expertise but also our ability to connect German and Tunisian cultures. We build bridges to ensure that your international professionals are not only technically skilled but also culturally well-integrated.

The name dasMaktab translates to "the office" - and that's exactly what we are for you.

Empowering Your International Teams: Unlocking Opportunities with dasMaktab

We take care of all aspects related to the selection, training, and entry of your
professional staff. Trust us to tap into the international job market for your company.
Discover how dasMaktab can help you find, nurture, and integrate talents. Learn
more about our services, get to know us better, and reach out to shape the future of your international teams together. Welcome to dasMaktab - Your key to global
professionals and successful collaboration!